We’re ISO-17025 and AABB Accredited. Quality & Professionalism isn’t something we strive for; it’s what we’ve built our laboratory on and is fundamental to everything we do.

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Quality You Can Trust

We've implemented three separate but complimentary and internationally recognized quality systems (NATA, ISO 17025 and A2LA Forensic). These guarantee that we treat every case with the utmost care, proficiency, and professionalism. When it comes to forensic work and human identity testing, we're second to none.


We have 2 Ph.D's on staff and another 4 on contract; we have experts in mitochondrial and autosomal DNA; we have experts in forensic casework and methodologies; we have fire and crime scene investigators; and we have the support of New Mexico State University. Once your case manager assigns your case to a scientist, that same scientist handles your case from evidence exam to expert testimony. He or she will be available to you throughout the process to answer any questions you may have concerning your case or the science behind our methodologies.

Pure Science

Often, the only way to reach the truth in an investigation is to bring the best traditions of science to bear on the evidence. Everything we do is based on methods that have been thoroughly tested for effectiveness across a broad range of circumstances. We leave nothing to chance, and accurate results are guaranteed.

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